My Pathway to Must

The Clustering:


My studio felt like the ideal space to perform this exercise because I had a lot of room to get messy! Throw in a good friend, a couple bottles of wine and some guacamole and we had ourselves a darn tootin' Friday night! 

Although this project, or journey if you will, is ultimately a personal one– it's still important for me to invite friends or even strangers to uncover hidden insights along the way. This is partly why I chose to display my cards in a shared space (my studio) instead of in my home. Since the studio located in the back of a retail store /art gallery, customers are always coming and going as well as my fellow studio mates, there are plenty of opportunities to collect different perspectives. 

The Ranking:


I know this looks like even more of a cluster, but it makes sense to me! I consolidated 8 different clusters down to 4 that I thought were the most significant. 

My North Star:


I chose the category: Femininity / Knowledge of Self

It's still very broad because there are just so many experiences that rely on each other to form this concept. Now I'm in the process of parsing through my cards to figure out my "ideal North Star activity". I'm feeling very open to whatever adventure awaits me.

Thanks for listening, guys :)


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