My Paradise Rose Card (A love letter)

My Paradise Rose Card (A love letter) - student project


I picked this rose from my garden to paint.  In my 30's I had a beautiful cottage garden. All my extra money was spent on plants. I would visit the garden shop almost daily to get as much knowledge as I could from Scotty, my nurseryman. This was his favourite rose which I bought as a memorial to him when he passed of cancer. I would like to paint this in a more realistic style one day when my skills are more advanced...this is A5 folded as a card. Thanks for a lovely class again Irina. 

Paradise starts off quite mauve, & the crimson colour grows as the flower opens. 

Jo :)My Paradise Rose Card (A love letter) - image 1 - student project

My Paradise Rose Card (A love letter) - image 2 - student project

Added my Ink and Watercolour today, just wanted to play, loosen up which is really hard for me. It turned out ok though.

The story continues with this card ...  for a couple who live in the aged care home I work in. Mrs B was in hospital & so I bought the card in for Mr. B to give to Mrs B ... so I sat with him to write what turned into a beautiful love letter. It was filled with so much love & laughter . I ask to read it at times, & it always brings tears to my eyes it is so beautiful ... you see Mr. B has now gone to heaven, Mrs B holds this card very close to her heart & always carries it around in her handbag. She used to sleep with it under her pillow. Makes my heart melt.

True Love