My Pandemic Baby, A Podcast

My Pandemic Baby, A Podcast - student project

I have always been fascinated by people who have podcasts and are able to talk to very interesting people. When we started working from home, I thought I could make use of my usual commute hours to work on any project. And so I started my podcast which I initially called "The Ando Jun Show: While I'm Here". I used "Ando Jun" as my pseudonym for all the creative works I've been doing. It was like a creative personality for me. 

After about ten episodes, however, I thought I needed to use my name for my podcast instead of a pseudonym that could actually be confused with a Japanese soccer player (I've also only found out about this after years of using my pseudonym). And with the change, I've come up with Rome is in MNL. This is earlier than "Emily in Paris" LOL

Right now, my podcast is mainly conversations with people who are learning their own crafts. I enjoy talking to people and learning from the things that they themselves are learning.

As a newbie podcaster, I can't help but compare myself with the people I listen to (or watch), but I don't really feel bad about it at all. I'm in it for the long game. I'm also in it for the learnings and for the fun of talking to people. Whether or not people watch or listen to my podcast episodes would just be bonus. 

In the years to come, I think my podcast would still evolve a lot. 

The other content I'm creating would also be evolving for sure.

My podcast is available in the following platforms:

Apple Podcast -
Google Podcast - Spotify -


Aside from this podcast, I have also started a Korean ASMR podcast aimed to my fellow language learners.

Thank you!!!