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My POD sites - student project

I use spoonflower mostly. I made $300 on there last year. I only had 7 designs uploaded. I recently uploaded 50 more. I enter competitions as often as I can, even if I don't win, it still draws views to my page. 

I had an idea recently to contact a seamstress with a youtube channel and team up with her for cross promotion. I came to an agreement with one and I sent her the fabric and she is going to make a sweater out of it and do a tutorial on how to sew the sweater. She is going to mention my page and link it. The fabric is in the mail right now, so it is in the works. Every person who watches her videos is learning to sew and therefore is my target market. I'm pretty excited. We will see what happens.

POD fabric is expensive, so it seems to me that the customer would only spend that much if it was a really unique design and or subject matter they can't get anywhere else. At the same time, I see a lot of run of the mill designs that seem to sell a lot. Right now I am trying all kinds of things to see what happens. The only downside to that is that spoonflower requires a proof in order to sell on their site and it can add up quickly. I spent the $300 I made on proofs and fabric to test.

The other site I work with is  I really like the quality of prints, but most of all, I like that you can purchase your own url.

Mine is

I use that site as my main website and you can also purchase prints directly from there. I also really like that they give you the option to sell the original and they don't take anything from the sale of the original. 

I am still working on a bio and consistent branding. I'm thinking about adding blog entries as well. 

I am being featured on a blog next month, so hopefully that will bring in customers too. It seems that success with PODs largely comes from self promotion.

Thank you for this wonderful class and thank you for your time. I welcome any constructive criticism from you and from fellow students.