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Emilie Lemonde

MTL 514 Artist/Designer



My Own Envelope Manifesto - En FRANÇAIS -

Hey / Hé !

So I took the class, and here I am. with my Manifesto, and once again I wanted to open the envelope and redo some things because I'm always afraid that my work is not good enough! (sigh...) But I think what's awesome about this project is, that it is what it is.

I started my list over like 5 times just because I didn't like my line " Trucs que j'aime" (Stuff I like.)

My mother thongue is french since I'm a franco Candian ---> QUÉBÉCOISE. I did that exercise in French, I will translate it to the good of the worldwilde community. Also making art in French is sort of my little thing. I find it sad that most cool books, or quotes on illustration or objects are mostly in english, even here in Québec. I thought, I would do the same in french. Plus French is COOL. French is SEXEY!!!!!

My list was on green paper first. Then I thought, green paper is WRONG No NO NO! I want regular thick white paper! White paper I got and it worked the first time. (I think I have OCD...)

Then I started my doodle, sketchy black paper. I wanted to be very representative of myself so I HAD to draw something first, and then hide it behind all the black sharpie pen. It's like my little secret (that of course I am sharing with you guys!)


OK so here it goes with my list! - Trucs que j'aime -

1 - Creating Art

2 -Witchy Stuff (I love witch art, witchy things, I like the Weird and Wonderful)

3 - Vintage Art (Old Scool Fonts, Illustrations, etc.)

4 - MONEY -> Brings Liberty, Travels and Generosity to others.

5 - SPEND my MONEY $ $ $

6 -Love with the big  "L" or L'amour avec un grand "A" (because I love to be in love.)

7 - Mentions "Like" on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr. (I thought it could be a bit different than "Followers" but in the end it's all the same really!)

Finally, I did not have any more american dollar bills on me, and in Canada 1$ are in coins not paper. It brings us to a 5$  (I'm dead poor right now lol. I did not wanna loose 5 bucks by drawing on it so I made a compromise. My TOKEN, is an american 1$ bill folded into a ring a friend of mine made me for my B-day. I LOVE it, I wear it everyday.... So I guess it's a BYE BYE ring.

(Here's a close-up)


So, yeah! I guess this is it! My Memento Envelope. Hope you like it because I enjoyed that exercice SO SO Much!!


Mucho Love,



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