My Own Business Card

I'm aiming to design a business card for the new website I set up featuring my art work - AriesNamarie:Illustration and Art.  I do a lot of fantasy work and mostly in watercolor right now.  My current business card is from last year and doesn't include the new website so it's time for an update!  

There were so many wonderful inpirational cards on the JukeBoxPrint pinterested page.  These were some of my favorites:


Each one has something different that I love about it.  I really dig the pulp cards, but I'm also drawn to shiny embossing and letterpressing!  I always think that square business cards are really cool,too, but I don't know if they'll work for my purposes.  

It's such a touch choice but I think my favorite jukebox card is this one:


It's got a really cool symbol on it (something I'm trying to achieve for my design so I can make stamps of it, too!)  It's got the letterpressing going on and looks like it might be on the pulp stock.  It also kept the color scheme very minimalist which is another of my goals.  Very super cool design, I only hope mine looks half as good! 

Here's some rough sketch mock ups of my design:


Tada!  The finished card:


I decided to go with a vertical look like the card I picked as my favorite.  I originally was going to do more links on the back to sites that carry prints of my work but thought that people probably wouldn't take the time to type out a whole web address so I nixed it.  My brother gave me the idea for the qr code for the front of the card - it's super easy and free to make one and it's a really cool little thing to have on there!  I also included the icons of the 4 social media sites I update the most and an etsy icon.  The middle part of the logo gave me the chance to use some watercolor texture and show the fantasy side of my work.  I threw some texture on the background to represent the off-white pulp I plan on using.  I'd love to get this done with rounded edges.  Purple edging and letterpressing would be really cool extras for this one in the future.

I had a lot of fun with this, and it was awesome to see eveyone else's designs! 


Just got my business cards in the mail yesterday!  I absolutely love the thick pulp cardstock and the printing quality is gorgeous.  They came without the rounded edges, but they were free so no complaints here.  It took 3 weeks from the time I sent them the file to the package arriving at my door, but they were worth it!



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