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My Own Bohome... by Betsy Moyer

Tuesday, Dec 31
This is where we'll start... In the livingroom first, and then I'll work my way through to the den (my cover photo) and our bedroom. 

Here is a before shot of the livingroom. 

The Heffe House is a my boyfriend's place. I used to refer to myself as a squatter, but he's since allowed me to officially move in and I've been working hard to make it ours ever since.

Once - on an early date, our relationship ripe enough to discuss potentially living together at some point — he told me that he would NEVER live with my turquoise couch. I legitimately doubted the longevity of our relationship at that moment. First offense, he thought that the baby blue couch was turquoise, secondly, whatever, he loves it now!

But we need to do more! And that is why I'm here. 

I'll be back soon with some new pictures of the living room space utlizing what I've learned in the first Justina course! 

Monday - Jan 6
I took a few "before" photos of the den using the tips shared by Laure Joliet. Here's what came from that. 

Wednesday, Dec 8
I'm not terribly proud of these, but here are my before shots.

Betsy Moyer Bedroom BEFORE pic

BEFORE: Bookshelves


Before: Den Console

Boy. I didn't like sharing that... but now we can move on to the second lesson! Homework is complete! 


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