My Ordinary day - # Med school life

Well i narrowed down my extensive list to about 20 not super eventful but interesting. 

1. Alarm goes off on ipad.

2. Wake up.

3. Stare at ceiling + Pre-plan day.

4. Take a shower.

5. Brush teeth.

6. Get dressed.

7. Get some food.

8. Pack bag.

9. Walk to school.

10. Go to lecture.

11. Head to lunch.

12. Return for more lectures.

13. Take shuttle then walk home.

14. Eat at home.

15. After 6:00pm drive back to school.

16. Study.

17. Drive home.

18. Talk to girlfriend 

19. Get ready for bed.

20. Bed time.

So now ive drawn a few referents hopefully others can understand them as well


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