My Orchids

My Orchids - student project

Hi Katya,

I used this class to just practice wet on wet technique with smooth blending, as surface pattern design doesn't interest me at this stage, also I don't have the computor program. My reference was a iphone photo taken of a spike of brown & gold orchids, but I wasn't keen on the colour so I used pinks. I would of liked to of painted your beautiful orchids, but thought I should just do my own project. Used WN Opera Pink & Permanent rose with touch of Anthraquinold Red of Dot chart D/S Thanks for your class Katya, your work is truly beautiful, I do hope more projects get posted to reward you for all your efforts in creating  a class. 

You were asking for Idea for next class I am probably more into leaves so some tropical leaves, perhaps bird of paradise flower would be nice ? Doesn't really matter though. 


My Orchids - image 1 - student project My Orchids - image 2 - student project