My One Thing: Mastermind Classes

My One Thing: Mastermind Classes - student project

The inspiration for my One Thing comes from Michael Port, one of my favourite marketing experts.

Michael advocates the concept of “always have something to invite them to”.

Here’s what it’s about:

Once you have a tight sales process with a steady flow of new business, you will need a well-defined process for encouraging your clients to continue to return for repeat business.

This idea is consistent with the marketing as a process that I referred to in my note to Lesson 2.

My one thing is monthly marketing mastermind classes. 

Starting in June, 2019, I will release monthly video classes, each of which will focus on an outstanding concept of one of four marketing masterminds.

These mastermind classes will be like Skillshare classes, but with more in-depth discussion of more advanced topics.

In practice, I will share my own thoughts on the masterful concept as well as offering suggestions as to how class participants can benefit from the idea.

Also like Skillshare classes, these classes will include worksheets and a community forum.

Ideally, these mastermind classes will deliver memorable client experiences.  

Larry Easto

Best-Selling Writer