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My Oh My Paris

I have decided to alter my project to something more manageable and rifined. So rather than covering an endless list of interests and work related ideas to write about, I find the new blog concept holds a clearer direction and future possibilities. 

So, I am retaining focus on my current city of residence which happens to be Paris, France and writing about funny experiences and the quirky little differences that I have come across. These stories could be from the unwritten rules of the metro to how I have seen some people park their cars - let us say, creatively. 

This will also provide an outlet for some of my illustration work which I would like to pursue further for each article. I could also include practical informaiton from getting around and about Paris and also basic learning of the language via the blogging platform.

My Primary Reasons:

  • A way to get the world of Paris how I see it

  • Highlight the small differences that make life in Paris Unique

  • A good outlet for some illustration pieces

  • The use of illustration work can help me explore different styles

  • Potential to create a side project book

  • Increase my writing skills

  • Learn more about the history of the city

  • Discover new places as well

  • Use french in a way that can help not just myself learn but maybe help others

  • Try to get into the travel blogging world

  • Potential business can be from merchandise to posters and sponsorship

My Audience:

Youthful / Creative / Intrigued / Curious / Educated / Sense of Humour / Open-Minded / Joyful / Enthusiastic / Energetic 


Open to travel and cultural differences / Open minded and has a funny bone / Believes in finding more and more from different places.


Happy / Friendly / Like to Banter / Can take a joke / Dry humour / Interested


Enjoy Reading Articles / Probably fancy taking the odd photo here and there / Like to visit cities and discover the non-touristic areas and locations / Like some vintage trends 


May be keen blog writers themselves / Reasonably active online with social networks and other unique networks (designers / travel writers) / May live in a major city if not Paris and live a somewhat pseudo hipster lifestyle / cycle and public transport / Live close or in the popular quarter of the city / Hang out with friends at cafes and bars / Have their own side projects from their work.

My Style:

  • Funny - Stupid = Witty 
  • Good Read - Boring = Worthwhile
  • Light Read - Flimsy = Comfortable
  • Useful - Throw Away = Intriguing 
  • Enlightening - Data Driven = Engaging



Chloe Harris - 25YRS

Chloe is a art & crafts professional. She create jewellery and small household items, she sells these online with the help of websites such as Etsy and Shopify. She really enjoys coming across new quirky designs and trends online when she has the time from her busy manufacturing process. 

Chloe currently lives in Brooklyn, New York with her boyfriend. They have one finger cat called Alf. They are keen travellers and have strong admiration for major cities such as Paris, London and Barcelona. Chloe has friends who live in Europe so she tries to purchase a ticket over the pond when she can afford it. 

She has a very friendly personality and always up for a good prank. Helpful and kind, her friends and family can always rely on Chloe to lend a hand. Chloe is bright and intelligent and always open to new ideas. She keeps an eye open for new opportunities and enjoys learning new things.


Dave Walters - 33YRS

Dave works and live in Angel, London. He currently works as an Art Director at a small design studio in East London. Dave is a busy guy these days with a heavy work load in a growing company and does not have too much time to browse the internet aimlessly hoping to come across something of fancy. He does not have much time in the day to relax so the only time Dave can venture away from work related items is on his commute where he checks out his iPad and/or iPhone. He likes to read so he will usually have a book on the go or have a few saved articles from the web to look at. 

Dave enjoys making the most of his free time. So when he can take these couple of days off here and there he likes to go for bike rides and country walks if he stays in the UK but when possible Dave really likes to go visiting other countries and city breaks over a long weekend are usually suitable. 

Dave is a pretty easy going guy and enjoys spending time with his friends and co workers after the daily work shift and have a sneaky pint at his local pub. He has a great sense of humour and always likes a good joke.


Pierre Fleche - 26YRS

Pierre is a born and bred Parisian, he is a junior account handler and has a number of side projects up his sleeve. Very keen and motivated Pierre is very social and friendly. Although early in his career, Pierre has worked as an intern over in Montreal, Canada and London, UK so he has a taste for exploring other cultures and visiting new cities.

Although Pierre has a pretty busy workload he is always looking around for new and upcoming blogs and companies. Pierre enjoys keeping upto date with new technology and reading about current affairs in other countries let alone France. Pierre likes to go Skiing on holiday and catching up with family and friends in his spare time. 

Pierre is a very positive and friendly guy who welcomes anyone into conversation. Pierre is always curious and shows a great deal of interest when spoken to. He is always happy to help out friends when called upon and loves to check on articles from his his favourite blogs during breaks from work and the daily metro commute.

Brand Statement:

'My Oh My Paris' is a witty, Intriguing, and worthwhile blog focused on providing content about my life in Paris from the trials and tribulations of adapting to the Parisian way to reaping the rewards by dining on the seine and enjoying the cinema au plein air to young adventurous travellers, hungry culture addicts, curious francophones so that I can create a series of city blogs and also branch out to selling one off books.

Content Pillars


Pros and Cons of Paris alongside advice on where to go and how to get by as a tourist and an Expat


Short Story based on Paris Daily Life


Highlight local news and events (e.g. cinema au plain air, fete de la musique)

Brand Journalist

Rue du Poteau

Example 1

Take a stroll down Rue du Poteau and you will stumble upon some of the most authentic Parisian food _traiteurs_ in this great culinary city. Be sure to stop off and browse the fine displays that these delicatessens have to offer, from the fromagerie to the rotisserie and charcuterie you will not be shy of choices as you eye up some of most beautiful and well crafted food outside of the Tourists usual routes.

Get a feel for the local Parisian enjoyment for food and walk past the stacks of oranges and grapes at the fruit and vegetable stands, also do not miss the amazing offerings that the local fromagerie has on it's shelves and see how cheese is really done. While walking to the end of Rue du Poteau and if your nose has not already picked up the scent of the mouth watering options made available on a daily basis head over to the other side of the street and stop by the welcoming rotisserie where the chefs will serve you up some amazing freshly cooked rack of ribs or tasty chicken.

Example 2

Discovering Paris can be hard work when you don't have the time frame you wish you had, but sometimes you have a lucky break when you stumble across your own 'I like how the French do that' moment and feel lucky to have found what you have found. My little 'I like how the French do that' moment came to me shortly after I moved into a new apartment with my girlfriend a stone throw from the 'Mairie du 18eme'. As usual, I have an urge to explore my new surroundings and make the link to what I already know such as metro station connections and names of boulevards and streets. 

So I began the venture to calm my sense of curiosity, I come across what is actually a rather well known street that holds a modest number of fine food stores - _Rue du Poteau_. While I walk down the busy path of locals who appear to know many of the proprietors on a first name basis I start to wonder what on earth is it that these people are selling and finishing off wondering what is it they didn't sell. I carry on, I stop still and noticed a queue leading outside a door past the display window and creeping over to the neighbouring shop entrance, my first thought, if anything can manage to contain a large number of Parisian locals and have them form an orderly queue then this place must be giving free food away. I was wrong, obviously, but the shop was actually selling a range of home made pate and foie gras. Immediately, I discover that Rue du Poteau consists of some amazing boucheries, a rotisserie, a patisserie, a charcuterie, a traiteur Grek and a fromagerie too for good measure, to show us British that cheese is something special and does more than sit on a cracker biscuit. 

Most of these places display their produce as a pricey treat and could set the food shopping bill pretty high by the end of the day, but still always worth a visit and depending how far you wish to dig into your pockets for a taste of authentic french cuisine then it is also well worth the journey to this discreet road in the 18eme which is only a few footsteps away from the metro station - Jules Joffrin on the line 12 (that’s the green one for newcomers).  


After stepping back and forth and re reading both passages of text, I found it a great exercise to, firstly, see how I felt approaching it as the writer and naturally how I felt reading it back. 

I found while writing, I preferred exploring more about what I was writing about and finding a stronger connection between the article and what I wanted to portray. In comparison to the hard sales approach I couldn't say it was enjoyable to write as I personally felt a coldness with the subject matter and rather than exploring a friendly offering of information it really takes a different tone to what will be my blog’s voice. Coming back as a reader this time I must say I enjoyed getting into the second article more so, as it felt much more rich with a real scenario and a stronger visual of the people around, where as in the first article I found it mainly information driven and quite old fashioned to appeal to a reader.

Source Library



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A possible direction I see being a big plus for ‘My Oh My Paris’ would involve an interview with the write Stephen Clarke (author of the classic - A Year in the Merde as well as 1000 Years of Annoying the French) who has been a major inspiration for me and along with his view on the life and the little things that make Paris tick he would provide the right image and personality that the blog aims to achieve.

Contact Information




Draft Pitch


As someone very early in this travel blogging world, I have found your work to be a great inspiration, so I would just like to drop a quick thank you there.

I wanted to reach out to you to see if you would interested to take part in a short interview based on your experiences and view on the life in Paris. 

It would be a great opportunity to meet with you, I will be looking forward to know if you think this interview could be of interest to you.

For reference of my blog, please check out




Dear Stephen Clarke

Being a youngish Englishman now plying his trade in a city you know so well I have found your writing and vision on Anglo-Francais relations and differences to be un grand inspiration to me and my work. With that said, I owe you a big thank you.

I am reaching out as was wondering if you would be interested in sharing your thoughts in an interview for the blog My Oh My Paris

It would be great news if you are available to participate and be involved with My Oh My Paris. Please let me know if you find this could be of interest to you.

For reference, please take a look at my blog My Oh My Paris.

Thank you for your time,


Publication Channels






I have just started out to follow the following blogs for initial research on content marketing before making any serious investment.



Publication Frequency

To be realistic with my time I will surely need to give myself a reasonable and kind schedule as in the past it has been the same old three to four weeks of complete commitment and drive which in the end falls to the back of my mind and inevitably slips away for good. 

I believe that the different type of blog post I may write will change frequency. For example, a simple heads up for an upcoming event within Paris or simple helpful tip could start out as a once a week routine where as a fully in depth story telling blog post will need more time from my schedule and my brain. I need to figure out days that will be good to write, most of the time it will be during the evening after work, which can always play a card depending how that day goes. 

So for my starter frequency:

Once per Week - Wednesday Evening - 45mins

Short Blog Posts - Quick Tips / Advice, Event Note, Fast Useful Information

Once per Month - Sunday evening / sometimes in the week depending on flexibility 

Medium / Long Blog Posts - In depth information / Short story telling / Deep Researched Information

Roles & Responsibilities 

A lot of this work will be solely down to me, especially as I will be starting out with now real financial backing or a track record of blogging. There are roles that will be easier than others and also thankfully I have friends that will lend a hand when needed.

Content Strategist - Yours truly 

Copywriter - Oh hey, me again…

Designer - This is my day job, so I hope I can use these skills to help push the visual work of my blog with as much quality as I can.

Proofreader - I would hand this over to a good friend here in Paris who works on his own blog Hejorama, which conveniently is a travel blog. Also I’m sure my girlfriend will be able help out as well.

Approver - Unless I am writing on a sensitive subject or review of a product then I could try and make sure I don’t shake too many cages by contacting the right people for the OK sign. Otherwise I am the only person maintaining the blog so it would be my responsibility to make sure everything is in order and fits the bill.

Project Workflow Sketch

Standard Weekly Blog Post

Push Channels : 0 Days

Publish Blog Article : 0 Days

Content Approved & Finalised : -1 Day

Content Revised : -3 Days

Content Proofread : -4 Days

Draft Delivered (Along with Illustration) : -4 Days

Design Assets Delivered : - 5 Days

Brainstorm & Ideas : -7 Days

Content Calendar Submitted : -8 Days

Long Read Monthly Blog Post

Push Channels : 0 Days

Publish Blog Article : 0 Days

Content Approved & Finalised : -1 Day

Content Revised : -3 Days

Content Proofread : -5 Days

Draft Delivered (Along with Illustration) : -6 Days

Design Assets Delivered : - 7 Days

Brainstorm & Ideas : -14 Days

Content Calendar Submitted : -21 Days

Streamline Blog Post

Push Channels : 0 Hours

Publish Blog Article : 0 Hours

Content Approved & Finalised : -15 Minutes

Content Revised : -25 Minutes

Content Proofread : -35 Minutes

Draft Delivered (Along with Illustration) : -45 Minutes

Design Assets Delivered : - 1 Hour

Brainstorm & Ideas : -1:30 Hours

Content Calendar Submitted : -2 Hours

Create Template Calendar

Google Spreadsheet or Trello? Well I went for it and took on Trello, I found the Google Spreadsheet a great tool, but maybe it was slightly overwhelming for the small blog station I will be running for the moment.

So I went with the great looking organisation by Vicky and started my own Trello ideas board and blog scheduling board.


Check list et al!


With the great function of copying a ‘Card’ I can reproduce the checklist with ease for every blog idea I have. I would just say that dates and a running progress of where I am with each article may be it’s tiny negative.



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