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My Nov Sketch-A-Day Challenge

Hoping to get some inspiration from the prompts and great artists around me :) Filling up my sketchbook! Enjoy the challenge, Shereen, and everybody else. - I am :)


Nov 30: Giving thanks

30 day challenge - Done!

Thanks for sharing your wonderful art and all the great feedback, Ria and everybody :)


Nov 29: Full

'Full' bloom, with a page 'full' of flowers and some 3D butterflies. Watercolour and micron pens.


Nov 28: Lantern

Here's an (off kilter) lantern (and as usual I couldn't resist sticking patterns all over it). And yes, I can see how one might think it is a pumpkin.... :)


Nov 27: Coat

A coat of paint, 5 min doodle.
Had tons of time today, but not much energy, must be post-Thanksgiving slump :)


Nov 26: Warmth

Went with warm colours. Did another collage on brown/recycled paper, using magazine clippings and gouache. Great clippings I found had timber and sandpaper textures. I also like how the rings of the sketchbook work with the painting and bring that coppery look you see in a lot of African art.



Day 25: Hat

My daughter wanted me to draw a bunny in a top hat, so that's what I did. I kinda like top hats too.


Nov 24: Snuggle

Ah, family :)


Day 23: Still

I know this doesn't seem at all still, but the African bush and sunsets make me think of relaxing, so just went with it. It ended up a little surreal and busy, but I was 'still' and very relaxed while doing it :) Watercolors and Micron pens.


Think I may prefer an earlier, simpler, more 'still' version, which was work in progress:


Day 22: Scarf

..and hat and mittens....


Nov 21: Cabin

Just a quick concept doodle again today.


Nov 20: Pie

Just a super quick doodle today. Oh, and I finished a sketchbook :) Yay!


Nov 19: Spice


Day 18: Park

This is a not-so-hot attempt at a sketch of what I'd like parked in my driveway :) 

(Work-in-progress Tesla Roadster) 


Day 17: Family

I would have loved doing a cartoon version of my family, I started, but I am a bit useless at drawing people. So I went for text instead, which I haven't yet done for this challenge. May have overworked it a bit, but here it is:


Nov 16: Boots

Here's a gumboot that got left in the garden. I'm a bit 'meh' about this one (clearly was going with a messier, less finished look), but my daughter likes it and insisted I put it up, so here goes. Sticking with the challenge at least! 


Nov 15: Socks

A crazy sock puppet...



Nov 14: Acorn

For me acorns = squirrels. Just a straight pencil sketch this time (give you guys a break from all the colour)...I think he's kinda cute :) 


Nov 13: Leaves

I did some leaves for the day 1 prompt "Fall" and so had to come up with a different spin on this. So I decided to do something I haven't done since I was a kid (I think): Cut up some magazines and make a collage.



Day 12: Apples

Not much time today, so really just a quick doodle. I thought I'd go with the colours of apples, you know, red, green, yellow and ended up with a Rastafarian apple, it seems :) I cut it out to get a bit of a shadow effect on the page.


Nov 11: Tea

My mom loves loves loves tea, she drinks it all day long, so when I heard the prompt for today, I immediately thought of her and I did it in her favourite colour. I also decided to exercise some self-control for once and just use one colour + b & w :) Watercolor and microperm ultrafine pen.



Day 10: Chill

We are 1/3 of the way through the challenge :)

So for chill, I didn't think of being cold, winter etc. I thought rather of chilling out with a cocktail or two in the sun (as a mom of 2 small kids, this fantasy comes up a lot :). I have a feeling I might be missing summer a bit too. So used my trusty Kuretake Brush Pen and some bright neon pencil crayons I found.


Day 9: Season

My favourite season by far is summer, so here's some sun to warm up my gloomy fall day:


Nov 8: Gathering

This makes me think of gathering flowers, so here's a bunch done with black marker and glitter gel pens. Wish the photo showed the glitter better...but hope you like this simple, cheerful sketch.


and an earlier version:


Day 7: Home

Went with good 'ol "home is where the heart is" and "home sweet home" as time was short :) I will use this for a fabric design, I reckon.


Day 6: Bonfire

Bonfires make me think of student days on the beach, and sundowners. Decided to keep practicing my very basic watercolour skills, a long (loooonnngg) way to go, but I like the texture in the log on the right.

It's a cold fall night here in the Pacific North West and after doing this, I put the gas fire on, it seemed the right thing to do :)


Nov 5: Feast

Possibly got a little carried away with colour, but then again, why fight it?
My Mom always said to eat healthily you should have many colours on your plate :)
So here is a 'food and colour feast' + retro vibe.

Markers on watercolor paper (for a little extra texture).


Nov 4: Hay

Ok, this one was a little bit of a challenge....

First tried thatched roof houses, you see these a lot in South Africa, my home country, and round houses like this are called "rondavels". I have always loved the fantasic geometric shapes Ndebele people paint on their buildings, so I tried doing one in marker. Didn't like, then decided a change of medium might work. To no avail, wasn't working...

ff21c764 a complete change of plan:

I went completely obvious and tried a change of medium and style (my very basic watercolor skills with ink outline). I am much happier and amused by the result :)


Day 3: Color

Oh yay! I love colour and that's all I could think to do :) Colour and lots of it!

I live between 2 worlds that spell things differently, so color OR colour here we go:


Day 2: Gourds

Just brush pen this time: a quick gourd doodle. Not a very steady hand today, must be too much Halloween candy and not enough coffee :)

Has a bit of my African influence in there... 

See also Day 1 for a pumpkin :)


This is Day 1: Fall

I used markers, gel pen and brush pen (anything with ink is my fav medium). Messed up the leaf in the middle, but you get the picture :)



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