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My Notebook

My notebook is my best friend. I'm someone who forgets a lot, so I always write my thoughts down to remind myself to do the things I want. If I haven't been writing in my notebook (or on, it means that I am depressed and/or giving into a habit that's keeping me away from what I love.

What drives me most is thinking and learning. I love pondering interesting perspectives on the issues of the world. So when I start to write about those thoughts and what I've learned, that's when I start blogging, or writing a song, or just making something. Thinking and learning in a tanglible form that I can reflect on spurs productivity for me.

The habits I want to solidify are: writing every day, producing content regularly (Blog posts, songs, book reviews, or other kinds of content for my website), and sharing what I've learned. Thinking and learning out loud will already help me to achieve my goal of writing every day, so I have to always have a notebook handy (Or a writing app on my phone) wherever I go.

I'm also interested in eating healthy and staying fit because my brain works better when it's well-fueled by healthy physical activities. These will be habits that are a bit harder to achieve since I easily forget, but if I set reminders, and choose to be proactive, it'll all work out.

My website is:
My current album in progress is called Elixir which is an odd meter album that explores self-compassion.


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