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My Node Design with Triangles, Circles, Textures and Hue/Saturation adjustment layers.

I wanted to play around with the techniques in class a little so I create a design that incorporated some different shapes.

I incorporated some textures too in the clipping masks as I was layering up my Hue/Saturation adjustment layers.

I've posted a few screen shots below but first of all here are a couple of versions of the final export:



Step 01: I created the basic shapes and replaced one of the duplicated triangle shapes with a circle to add a bit more interest in the design. The ability to control the rotation at increments of 18 degrees when making my first rotation really helped with the accuracy.


Step 02: The main node created. Time to duplicate and play. I used the Merge Shapes as you can see in the screen capture here. This actually keeps things a little simpler than layer groups. Both techniques work well though.


Step 03: I created the duplicated nodes, edited, attached, scaled and rotated them. Then a background texture added in this example just to play off against the very linear vector shapes.


Step 04: More textures. I actually keep a whole bunch of these on hand for projects like this. A photograph of a wall or some rusted worn metal is really useful when you need to add texture to a design in Photoshop.


Step 05: Using clipping masks and layer groups I drop the texture above into the shape layers. I love this option in Photoshop. it makes for some really effective image adjustments and control of your design.


Step 06: Playing with the colors.


Step 07: I thought I would add the original shapes in here. Almost like a key. Not sure if it works 100% but there is something here that could be worked on.


A little more hue/saturation adjustment and the design is almost there.


In this version of the final design I like the monotone colour of the image. I think it works quite nicely.


Overall I'm pretty happy with the designs I created. I'd love to hear what everyone else thinks. How would you improve on the design?


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