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My Next Step Has To Do With Music

I have been a fan of music every since a little kid. Something about putting on a record and just listening is so much fun. It feels like I am taken to another world and my worries seem to just disappear. I listen to music all the time. I listen when I am work or in the car. I also really enjoy singing. My first instrument I learned to play was the guitar. I started at a very early age. It is one of those instruments that you can take anywhere and don't need anything to play it. 

My project is built around the music industry and how we handle paying musicians through songs and royalty music. It is very interesting that less and less music is being purchased every day. Websites like spotify have done a great job of prividing a super cheap service for the consumer, but what about the artists? If not then no need to worry and I can continue using the av estimating industry in such ways.  out there, to get nowadays and keeps growing close to this platform. 

Being a musician myself, I am in question if we should see most of the revenue for artists coming from advertisments themselves. Can you imagine a whole concert being sponsored by say mcdonalds for free? Sometimes it scares me to know that if you really want something done, you have to go out and do it yourself. That is why I have chosen the piano for my second project and alternate instrument. 

Still above all the the reasons that I am convinced that people are still going out there to concerts and having a wonderful time. Has anyone ever been to coachella? Wow it is crazy busy nowadays and kinda of a mess. There are bands in every direction, it makes is difficult to choose who you want to see. I went last year and got stuck in choosing between my two favorite bands which I was pretty upset about. Still had a great time and camping out was a real treat. Some other places that I like to find new bands in on. There are constantly new acts to see and new songs to discover. Ok enough of my ranting on about great musicians.  Sometimes, I get nervous that the AV industry is going to shrivel up and stop producing great recording equipment. If this happens we will be one step ahead with estimating at a lightening fast pace. 


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