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My New Garden by Tata Marino

Dear Elizabeth,

It has been 6 months now that I have enrolled your class. I first sketched some winter stuffs. I was not very happy with the result but I loved your class and was full of ideas. I've been working for a while now on pattern design and I finally ended up with a collection that I really like.

I recently moved in a new house where there is a garden. At first, it was a mess, full of earth, stones, cement, no lawn, no flowers. We had a lot of expectations. It was our dream. So we worked a lot and now it's done. And it is very inspiring. That's why my collection is called MY NEW GARDEN. It reflects the feeling I have evrytime I enter in my garden. Now that it is sprintime, It's colored thanks to flowers. It's green thanks to the lawn. No stones and no earth anymore. I tried to recreate this feeling in my collection. I hope you'll like it.

Here is my moodboard but actually most of my inspiration came when I was just sitting in the garden looking at the grass, the trees and the flowers.



Here are some of the sketches drawn sitting in the garden.


Then I redesigned them on Illustrator. I used some of these sketches in my hero pattern and created new ones in illustrator. I invented a lot actually.


I have many small flowers and daisies in my garden so I wanted to integrate them in my secondary and blender prints. The first one is 4 directions, the second one has 2 directions. I choose pastel colors to keep that spirit of tranquility.


I also worked on blender prints. Actually 2 of them came in first. They have much less colors than secondary prints so they can easily fit together.


And here are some mockups: plates, notebook and totebag.






Thank you all in advance for your reviews. I hope you'll like it

(All patterns and designs are subject to copyright)

Tata Marino (Marina Grzanka)


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