Kathleen Kinslow

Teacher & researcher



My New Bulky Scarf

I already knit but have never used bulky yarn, so this was fun practice.  I also learned to knit the Continental style while in Peace Corps Columbia, which I find much faster than English style.  For this project I found a very nice bulky yarn that was 20% alpaca and 80% acrylic.  I wanted get both sides to look the same, so opted to do a ribbing of knit 2 purl 2 stiches and follow that for each row.  I find garter stitch (all knitting only) to take a little longer since you knit against the grain, though that is great practice for learning and getting an even gauge.  I tried casting on 14 stitches first and knit a several rows, but the ribbing pulled in and made it too narrow.  I needed to go with 16 stitches across, so I did purchase another skein to be able to get the longer scarf.  But this lies flat and looks great, so I am glad for the stitching pattern I chose.  The video was good for me, as I never felt I was sewing in the loose ends correctly.  Lots of complements as I shared my work in progress on this already!  Great class and a nice, fast, rewarding project!


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