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My Negotiation class is finally published!

Hello Friends,

I am very excited that I have published my first class.

Feel free to join it here: http://skl.sh/1TsCA1F

I have marketed my class at various places:

1. Facebook groups related to Skillshare and Negotiation

2. Linkedin - there is a huge audience of 'Negotiation' who would like to learn more

3. I also did some forum marketing.

Last but not the least, my friends and family are extremely helpful.

One more thing, I commented my course link in various articles after giving a relevant link. Hope it helps. I would love to know more about your techniques.




Email to my mailing list:

Hi <First Name>

I know that you are enjoying the negotiation content I have been sharing with you for past couple of weeks. I have recently lauched a Skillshare class which can help you in improving your negotiation skills. You can take the benefit of this class by clicking on this link http://skl.sh/1TsCA1F . I have provided a link with a Three Month trial subscription to Skillshare for $.99 which gives you access not just to my class but all the classes offered on the site.

Looking forward to see you in the class.


AK Goel


Facebook post:

Hello Friends,

Do you want to take your negotiation skills to the next level? 

Check out this short course: http://skl.sh/1TsCA1F



**Update** Reached 90 students


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