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Pearletta Wilson

Living and Working in Hackney



My Neck of the Hoods

In my neck of the hoods there are images on walls that make me smile. Some are around for just a short time before they are removed or painted over. Others are old friends like the Dalston mural that I am using for my front cover. You might recognise this mural as the one on the cover of Rudimentals's album called 'Home'.

Rudimental album cover 'Home'

This project is going to create a collection of  street art  I may also include aome images of places just because they are my favourite places in my neighbourhood and on my travels around my ends.

Stuff like this from one of the Facebook Pages I follow Handpicked Shoreditch:


As for me I am a creative person who draws, knits, sews and makes greeting cards when I'm not dealing with the daily trials of life. I hope this magazine project will show me how to maybe promote my art and my makes, all Made in Hackney ;)

Here is the link to my magazine My Neck Of The Hoods



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