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My Neck of The Woods

My neck of the woods is Perth, Western Australia. Each day I travel through the city to get to university which is on the otherside of the river in relation to where I live. I try to take as many different routes as I can so I can explore as I go! 

All my photographs were taken with an Iphone 4s and so far I have used Snapseed and VSCO to edit (I mostly us F2 and HB 1).

                                                                     Pt. I

This is a building at my uni, I reckon it's a pretty cool place. Think lots of industrial concrete buildings, pretty urban and minimalist, combined with Jurassic park style gardens! 


                                                                     Pt. II

On my home one day i took a detour and wandered through the theatre courtyard to find this.                                                           


                                                                     Pt. III                                                                                    

I really like anything lights, patterns and lines. Perks of buying coffee at closing time!       


                                                                     Pt. IV

This is another neat building at my university. I reckon it belongs on the moon.


Might actually make it to the Moon.

                                                                     Pt. VI

Spotted these guys on my way home wandering.


                                                                     Pt. VII

My final part of 'My Neck of The Woods' is of my twin sisters shoes. She is a fashion student and this day I was helping her out by shooting her most recent addition to her collection of kicks!      



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