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My Nail Polish

Nail polish junkie? Love to collect colors, glitters, duochromes, and all the new collections but have no easy way to organize them? I love buying nail polish and shopping around for the new ones just out by my favorite brands but I can't remember all the ones I have or if one polish from one brand is really a dupe for another brand's with a different name. I'm making an app that keeps track of all of my polishes by color, brand, style, and collection released.

The nail polish aficionados out there are plentiful and I think would love a simple tool that helps them keep track of all their personal collections. I haven't seen any app that does anything like this though it seems fairly obvious.

The goal would be to create a nail polish community where people can create a profile to log the ones they own and want to own, upload photos of their own nails (helping everyone see what a certain color looks like on various skin tones), and share opinions and ideas. Think Pininterest + Excel spreadsheet + App.

My Nail Polish - where my nail polish live digitally.


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