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My Morning View & Landscape Love

Update: 11/17/2013

Yesterday, I took an amazing hike to celebrate my dad's birthday and life. I included a few of my favorite images below. You can also check out my recent photo essay here.

Thanks for all the inspiration! I'm loving this course. :)




My name is Tammy Strobel and I'm a writer, photographer, and teacher. I live in Little Shasta Valley, a small community in Siskiyou County, CA. Siskiyou County is one of the least populated counties in California and it's beautiful too. I feel incredibly grateful to live in this area. Waking-up to Mt. Shasta everyday is awesome! :)

My projects . . .

My dad passed away in June 2012 and since then I've been taking lots of photos. Photography helps me manage the ups and downs of grief and it helps me notice the magic in everyday life. At the beginning of 2013, I missed my dad terribly and felt depressed. So I started an iPhone photography project called “My Morning View.

Every morning I take a photo of my view with my coffee mug and then share the shot on Instagram. The project has been fun and it's something I want to continue indefinitely!

In addition to My Morning View series, I've been taking lots of landscape shots in the area. There is so much to explore in Siskiyou County and I want to become a better landscape photographer. 

I thought I'd upload a few of my recent shots and then continue adding photos to this page as I complete the lessons. I'd love constructive feedback from you!

P.S. You can see more of my photos on Instagram or my blog:


I snapped these images yesterday at Castle Crags State Park. The hike to the dome is amazing! Cory, thanks for your scouting tips! 

Below are a couple of shots from a trip to Ashland, OR. I'm about an hour away from Lithia Park. It's a stunning spot. 

And here are a few recent shots from "My Morning View" series . . .

I take my photos with the native iPhone camera app and then I edit them in Afterlight or Snapseed; sometimes both.

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