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My Morning Son

Inspiration: True Faith by New Order

Being one of the first songs I remember hearing and liking on the radio, as soon as I could I sought the 7" at the record shop. The sleeve itself was my early introduction to 'graphic design' before I knew that was even a term (the cover with an image of a suspended leaf and the back being purely typographic). That song has always been one I turn on and turn up... and the older I get, that first line continues to grow in meaning for me.

Mindmapping: "I Feel So Extraordinary, Something's Got A Hold On Me"

A very quick word association exercise. Landing on some interesting visual areas as well what the line means to me personally.... 80s, new wave, records, a-side/b-side, electric

Visual Moodboard:

Making mixtapes, record shopping, and skating in the 80s/90s. 

Sketching and Digitizing:

Really love that image of the record needle lining up on the groove. Building on the duality of how great the A-side/B-side of this single are combined with the lushness and electric feel of the song.


Being a dad has been an incredible experience and I've found that the new meaning of this line for me really is my son, Callum. 


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