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My Morning Routine!


meditation 15

journaling 10

exercise video 15 min

affirmations + gratitude 5 mins

focus exercise 10


make my bed

have a healthy breakfast


have a cup of tea / apple cider vinegar 

I need to get up 90 mins before I need to be somewhere or start work.

Primary focus:

I seek to cultivate a sense of peace and gratitude for the beautiful life I have. I want to make the most of the talents I have and the body I have and find ways to express my self and also my love. I want to remember to play in my work and my life and to honour mindfulness as I go throughout the day. I want to take risks and to be proud of who I am. 

Daily focuses:

Monday: Bucket list day

Tuesday: Laughter tuesday (ricky gervais bloopers)

Wednesday: Getting inspired (tel talks, brainpickings)

Thursday: Dance

Friday: Nature 

Saturday: Friends

Sunday: Art play


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