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Faith Christensen

Co-Creator of Rat Strap



My Morning Routine

My Primary Focus:

My primary focus for my morning routine is to move forward in my life goals, as well as to work on my self wellness so I can feel balanced and make the very most of my day. Which over time, will impact my entire life! 

Morning Routine:

6:30 am: Wake up, pray, take shower, brush teeth, get dressed (30 minutes)

7:00 am: Read scriptures, and meditate (30 minutes)

7:30 am: Light excersise (15 minutes)

7:45 am: Eat breakfast, and drink a healthy smoothie (15 minutes)

8:00 am: Clean up the house (50 minutes)

8:50 am: Work on creative projects, and journal (60 minutes)

Bedtime Routine:

9:30 pm: Turn phone off, and hangout with my husband (30 minutes)

10:00 pm: Read a chapter of a book from my book chart, and pray (30 minutes)


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