My Monstera Deliciosa

My Monstera Deliciosa - student project

Thank you again Katya for joining Skillshare, Botanical illustration is an area that I perhaps would like to develop more. I have to say though this was my 3rd attempt.  I don't think I achieved the warm & cool areas as they should of been, so I tried to concentrate on the blending without causing the blooms, just couldn't get my water ratio right. 

I used Canson Heritage cold press 300 gsm & I substituted indigo with Indanthrone Blue DS. I did try Arches cold pressed, but was having more difficulties with the paper drying out before I could blend ? 

To help myself understand the cool & warm mixes more, a suggestion perhaps would be to see your palette in full view whilst filming so I could see the colors you were picking up.

I did my best & I'm glad I was able to put a painting up.

Jo :)

My Monstera Deliciosa - image 1 - student project