My Moneymaking Methods


Ever since I completed my masters in architecture, I found a passion for photography through the courses I took at university. Given the free time I have now and still looking for a full-time job, I could consider the two ways of moneymaking through photography.


Stock Photography: My parents have encouraged me to do this since I've taken nice photographs of buildings, interior spaces, and street performers during my travels and hopefully it can make some amount of money in the meantime.


Social Media/Travel Blogging: Every time I travel, my posts have always gone to Instagram and then linked to Facebook. Usually, they get an average of 20-30 likes but its also because I kept my account on private so that only certain people can like it. I could consider starting a public account to showcase all my photographs. In addition, I like to get into travel blogging to expand these photographs as stories, but perhaps that's also where photojournalism can factor in.