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My Mom and more...

Final project!!! :)

WIP - final will be up today!!! :)

First of all thank you to Yuko!! You are such an inspiration. I love your work and I was soooo excited when you posted this inking class. I went straight down to my local art store here in Copenhagen and bought an asian brush and some india ink.

My mother just turned 60 and I wanted to illustrate a tribute to her. I drew a collage type image filled with elements that remind me of her. Wow, the asian brush truly is a challenge to control, but it was so much fun trying it out after having studied Yuko in this inking class.

This is definitely not my last brush-inked piece :) - I don't have a scanner - so please excuse this lousy photograph.

All feedback is welcome!!!!!! Much appreciated !

And here are some pics of details :)

- the title in the top of the illustration reads "My Mom" in Danish.


I upated the ink drawing a bit - added more detail etc.
Have a look and please leave feedback if you like :) I'll be colouring this drawing and posting the coloured piece next week !!

And here are some more attempts at inking :) Let me know what you think!


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