My Mind Map on Time Management and Marketing

1. Upload your Mind Map



2. Explain the Mind Map created

The first Mind Map I have created is about Time Management. I have tried to follow the instructions to make sure that I can put all my thoughts on paper regarding this topic.

The second Mind Map is about 'Marketing a Product'. I always wanted to make sure that I remember all the different channels to market products and this is where I have listed them out.

3. How & Why do Mind Maps inspire You?

Mind Maps are a very useful way to show how our mind works. It inspires me to use my mind to be more productive and make use of all the time I have in an effiecient manner.

4. How did you benefit from a Mind Map?

A Mind Map helped me bring out new ideas which were there in my sub-conscious mind. It helped me to bring clarity into my thought process.

5. What other benefits do you see presently and in the future?

In the present I am going to use these Mind Maps to schedule my day according to my priorities. Also I will be use it in the future to brainstorm for ideas relating to my work. 

6. Where and how would you apply it henceforth?

In the future, to complete my projects I will need ideas to present to clients. So I will use the information I have to push for out of the box Ideas that will improve the quality of my work. 

7. Any thoughts you would like to share !

I really found this class to be useful. I hope this tool will allow me to get many new ideas, improve my memory and help me save my time.  


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