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My Milkshake

Hello Andrew, everybody,
that was a really challenging project, some crafting, some sketching,combination of both analogue and digital, great stuff, well done. The way you promoted those techniques revealed the whole depth and detail that a good artwork need. I won't lie there were many times I got frustrated ( it took me two days to complete the project) but in the end I felt that those techniques became one of my tools. So I guess you did a wondreful job with your e-class.

The project "My Milkshake"
Getting started with this projecti ,I thought I should make a poster for my girlfriend, that really likes this phrase from Keli's song  ( for those who haven't heard it). It's some kind of an inside joke, so I grabed the oportunity and made a milkshake with some caligraphic letters that remind me of old american advertisements.
Concerning the textures I mainly used plastic roles and sponges.
So here you are, enjoy. :)



One question for you Andrew, how did you achieve this linocut effect on your illustration. Would it be easy to share what kind of brushes you used? Thanks a lot.

I'm looking forward watching your next class.


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