My Messy Studio

My Messy Studio - student project

As per my usual lately, I'm a day late and dollar short, lol. I ended up not having time to work on this before the due date, so I sat down to do it today and ended up just doing a quick and not the neatest drawing of some of the random detritus on my work table in my fiber studio. I do most of my drawing digitally, and only had a sketch pad, pencil and paint pen on hand. I drew in pencil and traced my lines with the pain pen, it was a little messy and bled in places. I didn't want to us a lot of paper and ink printing out copies, so I scanned it into the computer and tiled it that way. Though it became apparent that I didn't do the best job cutting straight and lining everything up, probably both when I taped it back together as well as when I cropped out the blank space that was around my tile when I scanned it in, so my tiles don't line up exactly. Other than being embarrassed by my overall sloppy execution, I am happy with the way the pattern flows and the balance of it. It's kind of a weird assemblage of subjects, but I rather enjoy it anyway. I may take some time in the future to improve upon it. 


**Update** I got a bit more time to work on this today. I liked the kind of imperfect quality of the drawing, but wanted to make them look a tad better. I so I redrew the tile trying to be neater.

My Messy Studio - image 1 - student project

I still struggled to get my cutting exact and make the tile repeat properly, so I ended up scanning it as it was before cutting it and built my pattern in Illustrator. 

My Messy Studio - image 2 - student project

I'm much happier with this. I also included a color version.

My Messy Studio - image 3 - student project


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