My Meditation Journal

My Meditation Journal - student project

Day 1

- Date: 2019/05/15
- Time: 23:05
- Duration: 4min

- Highlights: Feeling relaxed after a long day with lots of work, ending the day on a strong note.
- Issues/questions: None so far.

Day 2

- Date: 2019/05/16
- Time: 12.06
- Duration: 6 min

- Highlights: Feeling more relaxed and present than when I listened to guided meditation before.
- Issues/questions: Sometimes I catch myself thinking "when will the alarm ring", showing that I'm impatient. Is this something that will improve with consistent practice?

Day 3

- Date: 2019/05/17
- Time: 11.10
- Duration: 8 min

- Highlights: It was not too difficult to acknowledge and remove distracting thoughts this time.
- Issues/questions: None at the moment.

Day 4

- Date:2019/05/18
- Time: 07.00
- Duration: 8 min

- Highlights:
- Issues/questions: Some highly bothersomenegative thoughts about my currently bad economy, and feelings of non acceptance of my situation. Focusing on the breath made these demons lay low, but they weren't banished by it.

Day 5

- Date:2019/05/19
- Time:08.00
- Duration: 10 min

- Highlights: Overall my thoughts are less and less of a problem and a hindrance, and this time I did not think of how much time was left.
- Issues/questions:

Day 6

- Date: 2019/05/20
- Time: 10.10
- Duration: 10 min

- Highlights: Experiencing slightly longer periods of no mind, where I'm not thinking about anything at all.
- Issues/questions: Still some problems with negative thoughts barreling in, though they're easier to shove out now.

Day 7

- Date: 2019/05/21
- Time: 09.20
- Duration: 15 min

- Highlights: Being more able to focus on my counting, and not feeling like I want the meditation to stop.
- Issues/questions: No big issues today, just some occasional thoughts about planning the future, or some small worries.

Gunnar Ryrholm
Speaker, Singer, Linguist, Teacher