My Makeup Kit

My Makeup Kit - image 1 - student projectMy Makeup Kit - image 2 - student projectfMy Makeup Kit - image 3 - student projectI really enjoyed the class and it got me organized. My boyfriend thought I was crazy when I brought out all my stuff into the living room but he's impressed that everything is more compact. I can also find things easily now, I know where all my lip stuff is, my eye makeup, blush, and bronzers. The butterfly case has my eyeliners, brow liners, and my mascara. I included tweezers in case I needed it in my brush set. At the bottom of the last picture, I have setting spray and Lancome's makeup remover that I can use to both take off my makeup or in case I really messed up.

Ida Quigley
TX girl in a Cali world