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Chris V

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My Logo Development

So I had a word mark but not a logo mark.  I kept reading about now important is was for people to have an image in their mind when they though of your brand.  I had been trying to come up with one and I just couldn't figure out a look that worked for my art business. Then I tried the sketching steps in Lindsay's class and it helped me to create steps to get to where I need the logo mark to be.  

Here's the first attempt.


I didn't like the flat look so I tried again.


Here's the 3rd draft and this time I loved the gracefulness of the arms curving in one direction.


I cleaned this one up and I am super happy with the design which combines my style perfectly.  Although I am happy with it for now, I understand logos evolve.  I am totally open to feedback!!


Thanks for the great class Lindsay!    


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