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Linh C

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My Little Brother

My brother was born when I was ten years old, and he was named with the same name as mine because my grandfather simply loved that name. Perhaps, the ten-year gap makes me find it a little bit more difficult to understand him. However, according to his teacher’s definition of ‘being normal’, compared to other kids in his class, he was “different, mind wandering, and weird.” I was so angry when his teacher told me so because that was so unacceptable of a teacher to judge a little kid like that. But then, I was more intrigued than upset to know more about my little brother, the brother ten year younger than me. He did not start speaking any single word until he was four years old, and when he spoke, he spoke the full sentence. Since he was a little kid, he has done things in class and at home that amuse me, asked me questions that surprise me and said things that dwell on me for long time. I saw something of my childhood in him, and something deeper about him telling me about my family and myself.


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