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My Life Writing (brainstorming, freewriting, and my draft)

Brainstorming exersice::  
picking up sticks turned into ninjas, we always had to go outside and
pick up sticks beacuse Greg mom and my dad didnt want us around so they sent us outside.
We lived on an acre of land that ended up becoming our playground so to speak,
we made a lair type deal on the second floor of the barn, out back of the chicken coop we had a fort of all the sticks we had picked up.
you may be asking why we had to pick up so many sticks and where these sticks came from, its from all the trees of course its an acre of land in colorado after all,
 anyways on this acre of land we had alot of expierences that shaped up to be who we are today, we had to be independent from the get go so to speak,
 we would skate down to downtown loveland thinking we were the coolest, we went through the whole phase of wearing baggy goth clothes......

Freewriting exercise::
Downtown loveland was the coolest back in the day, back in my day at least,
my brother greg and i would skate down the main road thinkin we were cool shit which of course we were.
we would do tons of stuff down town from finding skate spots to laser tag. There was a game shop that we would go play pokemon at,
we would also buy cheap playstation games and mage knights, alot of good times were had downtown,
we would spit into the pond and watch the fish eat it and laugh our asses off, we would go into the rec center to use the vending machine,
greg always thought he was gonna pull some hot girl in there but of course it never happened,
the library was cool and i wish i would have spent more time in there, all in all im glad to say i lived so close to downtown,
but dont get me wrong its completley different now, the game shop is gone and so is laser tag, the museum which i forgot to mention earlier is the same,
its sad to see how gloomy downtown has gotten compared to the childhood mmemory maker it used to be....


Fun times were always waiting to be found on our 1 acre of land, that 1 acre was an entire forest to our young imaginations.
An acre of land that inspired many things, such as learning expierence and new games we would play such as ninjas.
But at times we wanted to exlore outside of our enchanted realm, where the laws of reality were everywhere. Thats where downtown Loveland comes in.
We would get on our skate boards and Rodney Mullen our way to downtown.
A system had been set to where first we would stop at the playground next to the chilsen center. We would skate around and play Ninjas.
After that we would walk not ten feet away and skate in the chilsens fountain type area that looked almost as if it was an area where they held dolphin shows
due to the large amount of water in the middle of the stone pews we used as skating grounds. From there we ventured to the pond by the old library,
spitting and laughing as herds of fish would swim up to eat our spit as if it were a nutricious meal.
Seldom did we go into the library which i still regret to this day, the amount of knowledge we passed up must have been enormous.
Yet we walked on, or rather skated on. We would stop by the game shop where we had weekly Pokemon tournaments and see if anything was new.
Hundreds of dollars would be spent here over the course of the coming years, whether on mage knights, Pokemon cards or video games.
Running across the street we would book it down to the laser tag building. Inside they had multiple Xbox originals set up for massive Halo gaming
 after a good game of laser tag. It was one of our favorite places, we would dearly miss it when it got closed down not shortly after we started going.
It was on to the museum next, looking at all the native american stuff they had in there brought us closer to the feeling of being happy and in touch with Colorado.
 Behind the museum there was a set of train tracks with a giant concrete ramp that flattend out up top.
This became our favorite skating spot besideds the are next to the local book store. It was such a good skating spot that I cant describe it in words.
So many sweet tricks were landed here, the place where i learned how to manual.
But after the day was done, nothing was better then returning to our magical acre of land and starting up another game of Ninjas.
Finding sticks to widdle down into makeshift weapons and battling it out on the trampoline like it was some sort of "fight to the death" arena.
 Nothing ever came close to the feeling of being home in our echanted realm..


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