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My Life Out Of Ten!




Sabriie is not your average teen. For years she struggled with who she was and what social class she fell in. Can Sabriie survive her last year of high school?

Will she be able to climb the social ladder and survive the G.R.I.D (Greedy, Rich, Immature, Diva’s) or will she have to walk the halls of Sibz academy alone.

 Find out in my life Out Of Ten.

Target Audience:

Based on the story my target audienc are Pre Teens as well as young adults. the audience was chosen based on the nature of the story with a senior in high school wanting to make her way up the social ladder and become the most ppular girl in schol. maybe winning prom queen an to top it off by gaining a scholarship to the University of our dreams.

New Years Resolution (Sneak Peek)

So last year wasn't the best of my high school years but it’s all about to change.

My name is Sabriie Claude and I'm a senior at Sibz Academy, my parents moved here about a year ago for a new job.

My mom is a professor of the Arts at Ridgemore University and my dad recently started his own law firm.

And as for me, I got stuck, with moving far from my privileged life and becoming the new girl so you can imagine what I had to go through.

That's all about to change it’s a new year and I got resolutions.

  1. Become the New IT Girl
    Get a full tuition Scholarship to Harvard University.
    3. Date Giles Murdock the hottest guy in school
    4. Home coming Queen

Pretty cliché I know but you would be surprised as to how much it means to the GRID.

Ahh yes the G.R.I.D (Greedy, Rich, Immature, Diva’s) otherwise known as the popular girls in school.

We have Miranda Welsh, the blond one; she’s the groups DUFF (Designated Ugly Fat Friend. Her dad is a soccer player and her mom is a rich heiress.

Then we have Linda Russo, she is the female Jock to beat at Sibz Academy. She’s a straight A student. Her parents got divorced leaving her mom rich and as for her dad no knows what happened to him.

And last but not least you have Amanda Hathaway, the Queen B of the Grid her mother owns the Academy, and her dad is a senator of state.

So I’m running down the list here remember when I said that I wanted to Date Giles Murdock? Well he’s the hottest Jock in school he    doesn’t know it yet but we’re going to be married have about 3 kids, he’s going to be a pro athlete and I a political party representative.

Giles, I’ve been crushing on him since like forever his golden blond hair, creamy white skin, muscular body and glowing green eyes.

He’s a girl’s arm candy if you ask me; this year was the year to get him to notice me.

Okay now back to reality, it was the first day of my senior year and I wanted it to be perfect I had pre ordered the new Channel purse, along with my outfit.

I decided to wear one of those cute little flirty dresses in the colour black and slicked my long brunette back with the help of a head band.

My dad had bought me the new Subaru that I’ve been dreaming of so my plans were set.

My New Year resolution was off to a really good start.




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