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My Letters to Scott and Steve

Hey everyone,

Thanks for taking a look at my project. 

11/29/14 - The complete project

Here it is! This is my second attempt at this project. 

11/28/14 - Banner to compensate for paint splat- I decided to cover the paint splat with the folds of a banner that would also act as a holding shape for the word "Scott".

While lettering Carlson I got a big blue paint SPLAT! 

11/27/14 - Revisited Sketch / More Ownable Interlocking - Below is a refined sketch of where I wanted to create more unique letters. I also paid closer attention to how the letters could fit next to each other and nestled amoungst each other.

11/22/14 - New Envelope for Scott - This time around I wanted to treat the sans serif as an interlocking unit of type. I was inspired by Neil Secretario's "Verg" lockup. At a small scale I sketched the relationship I wanted to have between letters, and for the heck of it decided to transfer it onto my chalkboard just to see if I would like it. 

11/16/14 - Final Envelope for Steve - Here it is!

11/15/14 - Inked Sketch - I decided to ink this sketch out to get a feel for how the composition would look with some flesh on its bones!

11/14/14 - Refined Pencil sketch - In this photo you can see the grid I have the element aligned to. This will work as a skeleton for my final piece! So excited to get to it!

11/12/14 - Initial Sketches - Below are my initial sketches. After posting them to instagram and getting some feedback I decided to move forward with the bottom sketch. 

Casual Script Practice

Below is a photo of some of the repetition of basic strokes and a casual script lowercase alphabet! Next I want to practice the capital version of this script. 

10/08/14 - Initial Sketches - Tonight I focused on practicing the uppercase of my casual script. I love working at a larger scale like this. I feel like I am really beginning to understand the letters more! Below is a photo of some of the practicing I have done and in the front of the image is a complete alaphabet of capitals :) 


10/07/14 - Broad Tip Marker Pracitce -  Sans Serif 

I actually began practicing with the broad tip marker about a month ago and then had to put practice on a back burner for a bit, but tonight I picked back up the marker and got to practicing. Below is a photo of my attempts at lettering  a tall version of Cut In Display Gothic (on left) and Neuland, a contemporary calligraphic hand. Oh yea... and my siberian husky named Mercy is my model :)


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