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Ezgi Platin

Freelance Handletterer



My Lettering Adventures

I loved this class and exploring different styles. For my cover, I tried combining styles to create a fun sketchbook cover.

This was my regular sketchbook that I carried around to draw whenever I could. I tried sketching on the cover lightly to set up the composition but its texture didn't really allow me to. So I took a deep breath and just went in with a Sharpie.



There are some parts that I wish I could go back and fix, but overall I am happy with the layout and the way it looks : )

I really liked that this class encouraged me to do a self-drawn cover. Now whenever I see it I will look down and smile. Thank you so much, Martina! There still is a long way to go to come even close to the lettering you did in the videos, but thanks for sharing all your tips and tricks. Looking forward to practicing more and more : )



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