Erik Marinovich

Co-founder of Friends of Type



My Latest Envelope

The final step: Mail it out!

The best part is mailing out the envelope and being able to see it in its new home. Here's a look at the envelope proudly dispaly at Adam Garcia's design studio.

Milestone III: Painted Letters

To wrap everything up, I applied a drop shadow effect on the letterforms. Excited to see what Adam thinks of his envelope.

Milestone II: Composition

After trying out so many different compositions in previous envelopes that I've created, I decided to try this new layout. In order to see whether it would work, I first sketched it out on tracing paper.

Milestone I: Inspiration

I turned to some of my favorite typography books and signage in my neighborhood as reference material to start practicing my strokes. Along the way, I've been modifying different letterforms to make them my own style.


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