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My Late Nite/Early Morning Food Truck

This is an idea I had a few years ago. Who knows if I will ever actually do it, but I thought it would be fun to take that idea and design around it. My original idea was to start a coffee & baked goods delivery service for busy folks getting ready for work in the morning. Then when food trucks started popping up everywhere, the idea evolved. Now the idea is this:


-locally roasted coffee

-allergen-free baked goods

-classic breakfast favorites

-new specials each week

-BRUNCH or MUNCH: serving breakfast to the early risers from 4am to 10am; serving coffee and goodies to the late niters from 12am to 3am!

I LOVE to cook, and breakfast food is a special kind of deliciousness. I'm putting together a menu, playing with ideas for a mural on the truck.


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