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"My Last Sigh" Bunuel autobiography redesign

I loved Bunuel's autobiography since I first read it about twenty years ago. Always found the cover kind of lackluster, though. One of the things that struck me in the book was the amount of time that elapsed between L'Age D'or (1930) and the next film he had complete control over, The Exterminating Angel (1962). Due to the controversies upon the release of his early collaborations with Salvador Dali, he was obliged to become a director for hire in Mexico for most of thirty years. As he was born in 1900, it becomes effortless to calculate his age when his various films were completed. Most of his catalog of films are the result of an incredible come-back in his sixties and seventies.

In my redesign, I used a double exposure to express this gap in time. While Bunuel avoided such visual trackery in his later career, he used double exposure quite often in his early black and white films. I wanted to capture the youthful dreamer and the craggy old fighter, and the combination of tenacity, wit and wistfulness of the book itself.


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