My Lab Work Essentials

My Lab Work Essentials - student project

My Lab Work Essentials - image 1 - student projectMy Lab Work Essentials - image 2 - student project

Hello everyone,

My name is Ami, and I'm a cellular biology researcher who currently cannot go to work because our lab is locked down. So I used my extra time to do some paintings. Naturally my project for this workshop is my essential items that I bring to lab with me everyday.

I started with some quick notes about what to include in my 2 sets, as well some rough thumbnail sketches:

My Lab Work Essentials - image 3 - student project

For the first set, I settle with these items:

1. My headphones to listen to music while doing experiments,

2. Comfy clothes because it's always cold in the lab,

3. Snacks and coffee, as I'm always hungry and sleep deprived (haha) I like cookies and I keep my coffee in a thermo water bottle.

4. Finally is a timer that I used to time the steps in my experiments protocol, as well as reminding me when to take a break. Without this guy I tend to lost track of time and make mistake of forget to hydrate or even eat.

I then finished my sketches with ink and watercolor. I'm not very familiar with digital art yet so this is my way of doing this exercise. I took photos of the finished illustrations and imported them into Photoshop to edit and do some rearrangements.

My Lab Work Essentials - image 4 - student project

And here is the finished set 1:

My Lab Work Essentials - image 5 - student project


For set 2 I came up with the following concepts:

1. A state of mind that I always strive for when in lab is being focused and relaxed at the same time. In my case, it's the comfort of having music with me and doing the job I'm confident in giving my best performance. So I tried to depict this with music running through the girl's mind and the idea of doing meditation while balancing her lab equipments in her hands.

2. Knowing exactly what to do each day is of utmost important to me. Especially when you feel like your To do list never ends.

3. I thought of the importance of human interaction. Both generally and professionally. Especially when problems occurs and you need a second opinions or just someone to bounce your ideas off of. I drew my labmate in our daily conversation.

4. Finally, we need a safe, happiness haven to escape to other than work. For someone like me it's painting (the paintbrush), for my labmates it's their children, their favourite bubble tea, or taking care of house plants. Netflix is just a blessing to us all.

I approached Set 2 with similar steps as Step 1. Here's my watercolor original illustrations:

My Lab Work Essentials - image 6 - student projectMy Lab Work Essentials - image 7 - student project

And here is the final Set 2 (apology for the low resolutions, the original file was too big to upload so I have to scale it down):

My Lab Work Essentials - image 8 - student project

You may notice I changed some details from my watercolor originals to the final product. I put down some pink clouds in the first illustration but later took it out in Photoshop because although it looks nice, I thought it didn't contribute anything to the message. Please let me know what you think.

And thank you guys for such a great class! I haven't paint and draw in a long time but the class motivated me to get back to it and I enjoyed doing this exercises a lot!