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My Kitten, Elsa

This is a portrait I created of my kitten, Elsa.  She is a a Lynx Point Siamese Cat that our family adopted from a rescue group.  This breed is a tabby/siamese mix and it's rare to find them in a shelter or rescue.  Right now she is very white with gray markings and her colors will darken with age.  I took the photo below with my phone and sketched with Kyle's Brushes (charcoal) over it very loosely.  Then I used the tips and tricks I learned in class to complete the portrait.  It was important to me to capture her markings, blue eyes and pink nose.  The textures on her include a photo I snapped of her hair.  I hope to do a full length portrait of her as she has fun striped legs and tail.  She is the sweetest cuddler and very patient with my kids.  This class was very fun.  Thanks so much, Anne for creating it!





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