My Journey

My Journey - student project

I decide that the best way for me to approach the phase one of the processing was to do a journal entry. I have decided to share the whole thing because I know that I cant be alone in some of the thoughts and feelings. The image that included in the journal entry is the first thing in a long time I have loved and felt true to me so it felt important to include in this portion of the process. Uploaded the images backwards so the bottom image is the first page and the top image is the second pageMy Journey - image 1 - student projectMy Journey - image 2 - student projectI enjoy nature, art, hiking, vegetables, renaissance festivals, fantasy, books, exotic insects, flowers, birds, dogs, cats, people in period costumes, whimsy, reading, gardening, crafting, cross stitching, journaling, cooking, planning, swimming, drawing, painting, surrealism, exotic creatures, baking.

I am introverted, perfectionist to the point where if I cant do it right I don't do it at all, self conscious, gamer, bookworm, quiet...most of the time, cautious, short attention span except for my cross stitch projects, Disney lover, horseback rider, passionate, intuitive, spiritual, deep thinker (according to my coworker Beth), creative, and impatient.