My Journey of Creative life

My Journey of Creative life - student project

Hi everyone! This is Kayo and I'm a Content creator who is passionate for diversity, women’s empowerment and self-development. SO THRILLED to be a part of this community :)


OMG! It was such an eye-opening experience! Here are the patterns I found through scanning all pictures and things that speak to me.

- Lots of blue - I've noticed lots of blue in my board because I found this colour so calming 

- Relaxing/Liberating feelings - Palm trees, beach, water bubbles, colour pencils...these are what make me feel relaxing :) 

- Mixed colour - I Didn't know that I get drawn to mixed colour a lot! 

- Freedom - I always love being in the environment that gives me freedom. 


This is what my MASTER BOARD looks like. Lots of blue right? lol

My Journey of Creative life - image 1 - student project


Since I am still working on dice exercises, let me just share the Style Guide that I came up with. 

I have been figuring out how to layout my creativity for a little while but I feel like I could finally find essentials that matter to me. 

My Journey of Creative life - image 2 - student project

I would like to say big thank you to Andy and everyone in this community for inspiring me. I would love to keep exploring my journey.


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Kayo Sasaki
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