My Journey So Far (>‿◠)✌

My Journey So Far (>‿◠)✌ - student project

Hi everyone! I joined SS in August (2016) and was planning to be a part of the August Teacher's Challenge. However, at midnight instead of publishing my course, I was fighting with a computer.

So, I signed up for the September challenge and published my first class on September 2nd. As of today, September 27th, I am only 6 away from that 2nd glorious milestone of 100 students in my first can still be found in some of the culinary areas in the trending section, but has fallen a bit in rankings:

Cooking Basics - Create Your Own EPIC Potato Salad - Base Recipe With Unlimited Variations!

(Free Link:

My Journey So Far (>‿◠)✌ - image 1 - student project

I am also a part of the Fall Channel Challenge, and have a TON of classes I plan on doing. I am behind a little, but my second class was published on September 17th, and hit 25 students 2 days later. It is currently trending between 3-6 in a couple different culinary categories:

Weird Recipes: Pepsi Chicken (You Know You're Curious!)

(Free Link:

My Journey So Far (>‿◠)✌ - image 2 - student project

I decided to switch things up and do a different type of class, which was just published last night, and JUST HIT that coveted 25! I am excited because this one started trending under 24 hours from the time it was published ≧◔◡◔≦

7 Little-Known Sites to Get Royalty-Free Stock Images for Your Skillshare Classes & More - FOR FREE!

(Free Link:

My Journey So Far (>‿◠)✌ - image 3 - student project

In my first class, I had 10 friends and family members enroll through free links to help me hit that all-important first 25 to become a partner. Although I have been tweeting my classes as well as posting them on my personal Facebook, my Yummy Press Facebook page, and Pinterest, the free enrollment links I posted to various FB Skillshare groups are where I have gotten the majority of enrollments. Some have also been repeat signups from followers.

It has been an exciting journey so far, and I have SOOOOOO many classes in mind. I was going to stick to recipe classes, but I have way too many ideas and helpful things I could teach! I really wish Skillshare would let us have the ability to have separate series. Since they don't I am creating my own series of sorts by the initial wording of some classes (i.e. "Weird Recipes" & "Cooking Basics" - and the different series will have different branding in their class covers so they are more recognizable.

Currently I am working on putting the final tweaks of some course creation spreadsheets that go through brainstorming to marketing to keep everything organized, and I will be offering those to go with a course on the subject.

I also have a spreadsheet that has 20 Facebook groups where both free and premium course links can be posted, as well as another in the same workbook that are not course related, but allow promotion links. I am working through an ongoing marketing calendar that can be used with these and other promotion techniques for unlimited course marketing strategies...

It's a work in progress, but it's fun!!

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