My Journal Illustrations

My Journal Illustrations - student project

My Journal Illustrations - image 1 - student projectDay 1: Currently Listening

- I'm not Korean, but I really love this song. It's been on loop on my playlist for days already. It has a soft pop feeling to it and makes me feel all warm in the inside as well. Good for a spring playlist if you ask me. Do try giving it a listen.

My Journal Illustrations - image 2 - student projectDay 2: Recently I Learned

- I got a request from my uncle to paint hibiscus flowers with oil paint as a way of exploring other art mediums. So, I did some research on the materials and techniques on oil painting and am planning on starting my practice next week. I just included the general info I gathered for this one, so don't take it seriously.

My Journal Illustrations - image 3 - student projectDay 3: Creating With

- These are just some of the materials I use most of the time whenever I draw or doodle in my notebook. I have my aquarelle brush pens and marker. I usually draft my work before painting so I always have my pencil and eraser with me. Of course, the watercolor set is never left out along with my watercolor brush.

My Journal Illustrations - image 4 - student project

Day 4: Latest Reading Material

- I only read whenever I get tired scrolling through social media (or when the wifi is down). These are some of the books that I usually pick up. The yellow ones are what I bought from a bookstore that sells second-hand books.