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My Jamaican Vignettes: Essays by Chantel DaCosta

Hello. I am Chantel DaCosta, a Jamaican Researcher and Writer. I am a lover of books and telling stories is my passion.My blog is My Jamaican Vignettes. These are personal essays. I started in the hopes of seeking community to join me on my journey to creating a life of abundance, light and creative energy.


I started My Jamaican Vignettes in December 2015. At first it was launched on the serialised literature platform known as Channillo. I wrote a weekly 'column' on the site. 

In March 2016 I made the switch to WordPress, because it gave me more control and full and free access to my own work. Another significant factor that made me decide to remove the series from Channillo was their subscription paywall. While, I  firmly  believe that writers (and all creative and information based vocations) must be paid fairly for work, the paywall limited access and my audience was very small. 

I continue to post once per week on Sundays. My following is still small but I am happy to note it is growing and I could have regular engagement on the blog as well as on social. I am active on Twitter, Facebook, IG and Google+. I do share on my personal accounts. This is something I will changing soon. I will create My Jamaican Vignettes social media accounts in the upcoming week. 

The blog is very personal, mostly my opinions and if I am completely honest it is more of an online journal. This is something I am slowly shifting from. I hope to create still personalised content that is more in line with a Jamaican (Caribbean) lifestyle content. 

Here are my best posts: 

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