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Sadelle Wiltshire

Meditative Art, Celtic Art, Line Art



My Instagram profile

Here's a snapshot of my profile on Instagram, @sadiavt -  I mostly use the account to let folks know about my art and teaching, as well as to inspire.  I have gone back and forth about using a better IG name, but I use @sadiavt on youtube and twitter already.  

I don't think I'm guilty anymore of the mistakes you listed, except perhaps for consistency... in that sometimes I go on long posting jags with Celtic knotwork, and sometimes it's about the labyrinth, and sometimes meditative drawing, sometimes meditative quotes, as they DO all represent me.   I'm in a launch cycle right now with my latest Skillshare class so I feel it's appropriate to do more Celtic at the moment, plus I'll be in Scotland in March teaching, so it will segue nicely into posts from that trip.   But yes sometimes I post a photo of my animals to just let folks know I am human.  People seem to like that ... so I don't know where the clear line is. 

I am not using a business account (yet?) as I'm not sure I want to be haranged by IG and FB to post ads.  Still wondering how much I really need that. 

Thanks, it was nice to review your Instagram classes.


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